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As of now Chelsea are being linked with the likes of Hulk (Porto) and from reports he won’t come cheap, £140k a week for £30-40m. Sounds fantastic of us Chelsea fans, especially after signing Marin and supposedly Hazard. But surely we should be singing a very important person, a manager. It seems like in Roman’s eyes, that all a manager is for him is a ‘yes man’ while having the pressure of playing Barca-esque football. It should be up to the manager who gets brought, as he will be the one responsible of them on the playing field. He should asses the team then tell Roman who he wants, it shouldn’t be the other way round, though I doubt Roman assesses the squad when buying players just look at the El Niño signing, just one of the many ‘presents’ from the Russian. His squad interference could destabilise the team. Think of it like this, if we do buy Hulk and Hazard and a whole host of other players, this will mean that some ‘big players’ will have to a SWP and warm the bench. Now yes, it can lead to a positive compotion for placeses, or it could lead to the big ego’ed players wanting out or turning on the ‘manager’, leading to yet another manager being sacked. Now don’t get me wrong I respect and love Roman, without his input we would not be gloating about just winning the Champions League, nor would I be compiling about signing players let alone big ones. But he really needs to trust a manager with his ‘baby’ or the cloud of Roman will always be looming over the manager. We will just be waiting for that moment when we’re watching Sky Sports News and that shouting scotsman tells us how we randomly signed Robinho for £25m, to join up with the other 5 strikers. So things are looking exciting for the blues this coming season, but does Roman need to be reigned in?

I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but I just like to question things and people at the club.

Just Another Video I Edited, About Porto’s Hulk.

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A Great Time For Chelsea Fan’s and Some England Fans…. Sorry Spurs.

A Great Time For Chelsea Fan’s and Some England Fans…. Sorry Spurs.

Just a little video I edited. Enjoy.

"I am looking forward to the challenge of playing in the Premier League with such an ­established club. - Marko Marin"

So the Champions League Final will be between Bayern Munich & Chelsea.

Marko Marin signs for Chelsea F.C.

Football Unites For Muamba! Get Well Soon Football Unites For Muamba! Get Well Soon

Football Unites For Muamba! Get Well Soon

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Fernando Torres and Gary Cahill - ESPN Post Match Interview!

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Torres vs Leicester - Goals and Analysis

I’m so happy for him, finally it looks like the old Torres has flourished again. Great game, Great player!